A picturesque Medieval Town

Welcome in Damme!

Damme is a picturesque medieval town in the green Flemish polders at a stone’s throw from historic Bruges and the Belgian coast. Historical Damme. Very few small towns have so many monuments as Damme: the gothical town hall, the Schellemill, the 13th century Sint-Janshospital, the partially restored town walls, old farms,...  In the surrounding villages you will also find various architectural masterpieces that bear witness of the rich past of this region. 

Recreational and sporting Damme. Damme is an ideal base for your family’s day out. The landscape is very inviting and well-suited for a bicycle ride. But if you rather like a nice walk, you need not look far either: every year hikes are being organized in the 
different villages of the district.  Damme counts also for a few major sporting events such as the swim competition Damme - Bruges over a distance of 5km, the poldertriathlon, the running event Damme - Bruges - Damme and mulitple cycling contests.

Festive Damme

They sure know how to make your day in Damme. The local village fairs stand for a pleasant happening with fun for all ages.  But there is more than kermis of course: the Castle Feast in Moerkerke, the old rural festival in Vivenkapelle, the rockfestival Laprock in Lapscheure to mention only a few.

Natural and rural Damme. The green and fertile polders alternate with wet pastures and natural creeks: a real blessing for nature. The region is intersected by three substantial canals; the rich vegetation on the shores form the ideal base for the blue heron’s ambush. This big bird can be observed frequently but other species thrive here too: cormorants, ducks, geese and other waterfowl. The banks have their own specific flora and are the habitat for various small mamals. If you prefer making a refreshing stroll in the woods, then you will certainly find what you look for in the Ryckevelde domain in Sijsele. 

Gastronomical Damme. Damme’s culinary reputation reaches far beyond the country’s borders. And this is justifiably so! In the numerous cosy restaurants you are being served the most delicious (regional) dishes in the unique cadre that is proper to Damme. And for the real gastronome there is the anual festival of the regional products.

In short, Damme is a vivid place that has something for everyone’s desire.